Sat. March 24th – Antique Auction


Directions: From Greenville, Pa. take Rt. 18 south to auction watch for Cresswell Auction signs on Rt. 18. . Auction held at Reimold Bros. Auction Center in  the large blue building, limited chairs so bring a chair, plan on spending the day.

Coins: Circulated coins:  misc. Foreign silver coins, Indian head pennies, over 500 silver quarters, 49 Barber quarters, 3 Standing Liberty quarters, Buffalo & other nickels, over 400 Mercury dimes, approx. 100 Barber dimes, 350 Roosevelt dimes, 84 Barber halves, 81 Morgan dollars, 33 Peace dollars, 48 Franklin halves, 34 Walking Liberty halves, 57 Kennedy halves, Silver Certificates. Uncirculated: 20 Morgan dollars, 8 Peace dollars, 110 Mercury dimes, 83 Walking Liberty halves, 57 Kennedy halves. In coin holders: 1878cc, 1885o, 1881s, 1880, 1890, 1880o, 1891, 1889, 1883, 1891, 1900o, & 2 1900 Silver dollars. 1855 large cent slanted 55.

Antiques & Collectibles: Dezey churn, duck decoys, 3 barrel Zippo lighters, wood arrows, 2 small anvils, military clothes, buttons & bugle, Pipe w/elk, 2 sets of Automobile knives, (Boker & Challenge Knife Co), duck stamps, coper mask, Rem. 222 barrel, Indian war club & Celt, vintage brick of Western ammo 22cal. Shells, collection of Match Boxes, Barris scope, Rem. Kinfolk, Buck and other knives, Vietnam Jacket (child’s), US holster, watches, tin & cardboard hunting licenses, US horse bag, WWI US cas battle rattle, lg. brass horse approx.. 35lbs, Griswold, Wagner cast iron mail box, cast iron bank, figural door knockers & many other cast iron items, metal signs (Southern State’s Farm, Idora Park & others), 20 gal. wood keg, 8ft. Toboggon sled, Mule chest in red paint, blanket chest, Victorian dress w/picture of lady wearing it, cigar advertiser, cast iron kettle, Rem. Bronze, 3boxes of 20ga. Shells & reloader, early toy cannon, 2 pr. Wood shutters, butter mold, baskets, Folk Art, misc. glassware, horse collar, early rocking horse, early baskets, iron & wood book stand, 1939 NY World’s Fair cane & stool, Western saddle bags, chaps, rifle scabbard, Pride of the Hunt picture & others, copper boiler w/lid, brass fire nozzle, lg. iron hinges, 2 drawer cherry stand, oak stand, 10ft. long fold out Choo-Choo train book, Gene Autry guns & holster, Majolica bear humidor periscope, Gem roller organ, wood ballet box, cast iron bridge sign (1901), Empire drop leaf 2 drawer stand, cherry tavern table, wood water pump, powder horn w/coon dogs (signed C.W. Flowers), barn lanterns, wicker buggy for twins, wood bucket, Stereo viewer w/cards, early ice cream mold (girl), child’s Amber glass wash board, leaded glass window, oak wall phone, scale, advertising thermometers, Chippendale ball & claw ft. chair, oval Victorian stand, Curly maple drawer one drawer stand, late 1800’s dove tailed box, sm. bronze bell, R.C. Todd signed rocker, framed mail pouch advertiser, horse & sulky weather vane, lighting rod, Military & other framed pictures, Civil War tin type & blood letters, oak file drawer, Sad irons, mill stones, 2 early rim fire pistols, Roseville pottery, window washers wood ladder, Garton pedal car, roll top office chest, saddle  McClellan signed US on stirrups, spurs, store tins & hundreds of items not listed.
Terms: Cash, PA check, or MasterCard, Visa, or Discover has a 5% fee.